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Spray Foam System

One of the best solutions available for building owners to meet their roofing needs is a polyurethane foam system. As one of the top roofing applications on the market today, the SPF system adds strength to the current structure without adding much additional weight. The foam provides an additional layer of insulation (R-6.5/inch) and UV reflectivity with the reflective top coat. Because of the ease of application and maintenance, the SPF system is one of the most cost effective options available to building owners. It can be applied to just about any roof type whether BUR, mod/bit, or metal.

The first step is spraying the foam over the entire area creating a seamless layer. A minimum thickness of 1” is required for application. Foam is an excellent option that allows for self-flashing around protrusions and conforms to the contour of any roof. Next a layer of elastomeric basecoat is applied and finished off with a seamless white top coat providing a completely waterproof, energy efficient roofing system. The white coating reflects 85% of the sun’s UV radiation. Savings on utilities with this type of system can be up to 30% but will give building owners cost reductions on energy year round.

Benefits you get with SPF System:

  • Added strength to structure
  • Fire resistance
  • Elimination of leaks
  • Energy savings
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior strength and durability

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D&G Quality Roofing provides Spray Foam Systems to building owners in Burleson, Fort Worth, Trophy Club, Granbury, Arlington, South Lake, Dallas, Weatherford and surrounding areas

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